Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Another Birthday (Recap)

I'm getting a little (sometimes a lot) slower with age.

I didn't forget that my child had a birthday. I just didn't post anything here about it.

On Friday, August 18, The Princess turned 14.
She stayed up until midnight on Thursday just to be able to say "It's my birthday!"

NO! I can't believe she's 14!

What did we do for her Birthday?  EVERYTHING she wanted to do!!

After getting up later than normal (she wanted to sleep in), we ate pancakes for breakfast.

We went bowling. She's in a bowling league now and wanted to practice before the first games on Saturday morning!

We met my parents at Sweet Frog for fro-yo. (YES! She got Birthday Cake flavored fro-yo!)

Then we picked up her best friend to spend the night (after she got out of school).

We picked up my parents. We went to Remedy Church for Kidz Krusade.  At the end of the night, they silly stringed her as everyone sang Happy Birthday to her!  (It was AWESOME!)

Then we all (my brother and most of his kids, my sister and her girls, and us) went back to my parents' house for pizza. We played cornhole there until about midnight. Then we headed home.

On Saturday morning we went to her first bowling games.  She bowled her highest game to that day...85!!!!

Now.... she's been 14 for an entire week as of today.  She's still as silly as ever, but I couldn't imagine loving her any more than I do right now.  (Somehow.... I know that tomorrow, I will love her more anyways! That's how it goes every day!)

How do you celebrate birthdays? Do you get to do whatever it is that you want to do? What did you do/do you plan to do for your birthday?

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