Sunday, September 3, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Again, I am behind on posting things.

Between August 18-21, lots of things happened (especially on the 21st) and I literally made a list of blogs to write; so I wouldn't forget.

Then, as always happens, things went haywire and I didn't get them "on paper" before it's basically like an afterthought.

I am part Cherokee. I have a grandmother (a few "greats" back) who was full-blooded. I've probably said before that my dad has that "red mud Indian skin". He's naturally tan all year.  (I'm actually jealous...since I'm pastey pale!)

Every year, when we visit Pigeon Forge, TN--one of my most favorite places on earth--we go through Cherokee. During the summer, we always stop to watch the dancers on the street and listen to the stories. We also get pictures.

This year, we did not go to Pigeon Forge (over the summer anyways), but we went to Cherokee for the eclipse.

I always joke that being in the mountains makes you closer to God. In a way, I guess, if you take the altitude literally, it does. But, just the scenery, and the feeling up there, is amazing.

I love it.

So, when I found out that the eclipse was going to be at 100% (Totality) there, I couldn't image being anywhere else to see it.

For a while, we sat outside the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.  They were having an Eclipse viewing party/concert in the amphitheater. We listened to some of the cover songs as we sat there.

Just before Totality, we walked down the street and stood with some of the singers and dancers from the street shows and some shop owners.

When the eclipse hit Totality, everyone cheered. You could literally hear thousands of people cheering. It was an awesome feeling. For those 2 minutes or so, everything was calm. It was beautiful.

As soon as Totality was over, the shops reopened. People started moving around again.

I know it may sound weird. I have always felt like my soul, my heart had a connection to Cherokee. Being there for this once-in-a-lifetime event..... wow! That's all I can say is WOW!

Seeing the amazing thing (the Eclipse) that God put into order and being in Cherokee for it. It was breath-taking.

I tried to get pics and videos, but I had only had my phone for 3 days (that's a totally different story) and thought I was taking pictures/video of the area as it hit Totality, but when I  got in the car, I realized that I had not.  It's ok.  Pictures and videos can not compare to the memories I will always have of that day. (Until I get too old to remember!)

Where were you during the Eclipse 2017? What percentage did you get to see?


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