Saturday, January 6, 2018

It's Been a Little Cold

Over the past few days, the temperatures here have been colder than normal.

They have been in the single digits in the mornings and barely above freezing (if at all) during the day.

The schools have been delayed twice this week because of the cold temperatures. They knew they would probably have bus issues; plus it was just too cold, especially with the wind some days, to have the kids standing outside in the dark waiting for the bus.

In downtown Kannapolis, we have a park--Veteran's Park.

There is a fountain there. It has been frozen this week.  The water that is moving isn't frozen, but the water that is not moving is. 

We stopped by today, after bowling this morning and I got some pictures of it. 

I think they are really neat!  One of the spouts looks like an "ice volcano" when the water shoots out.

This is the view of the fountain from the park, toward the street.

This is the view from the street.  Both sides of the fountain are frozen.

Here is the "ice volcano".  You can tell a little where the water is coming out of it.  While we were there, parts of it broke off. It should melt this week.

This flame never goes out. The seals of the different military branches are on the sides of the column.  The water around the foot of it is frozen also. 

How has the weather been where you are?  Is it abnormally cold there?  Leave a picture in the comments to show the weather where you live!

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