Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Writing Challenge--Day #6

Today is Day #6 of the Writing Challenge. I have noticed that there are quite a few people reading, but only one person has joined in! 

It's fun to write together. Join in!!  Leave the link to your writing in the comments!

Links to all the previous days are in yesterday's post. Check out Days #1-5 by going to Day #5.

Today's Challenge--"Do you have any strange phobias?"

I don't think that my phobias are strange. Other people, who aren't afraid of the same things, may think they are.

I am TERRIFIED of dogs. I got bit ONCE! That was all it took. Yes, I did have a dog, once, but he didn't bite me. A family friend's dog bit me when I was looking at her puppies.... not even touching (or trying to touch)... just looking at them in the box! I was 8! I have been terrified of all dogs since then!

I am scared of heights! If something is up higher than I am tall, then I have a hard time getting to it. I can't do ladders. I love lighthouses (and I have climbed two!), but I have to hold on tight as I climb. I also have to stay near the wall when I get to the top. I lean out to take pictures, but I don't go to the edge. When Tony and the Princess go to the edge, I go back inside so I don't have to watch.  It's hard for me to watch other people doing things that involve heights! (Yes, I know that's weird!) I get weak in the knees when someone on TV is up on a ledge or high wire!!

I am also afraid of sharks, but I have never seen one (outside of the aquarium!)!! 

I don't like live spiders, but I refuse to kill them.  I make other people kill them, or I have them move the spider away from me. My high school mascot is the SPIDERS! So, I'm a little superstitious in that way.  I won't kill spiders during football or basketball season.... those are the big sports for my alma mater!

I'm sure there are a million other things I'm scared of, but these are the ones that my family harasses me for!  :) 

Do you have any strange phobias?  What are they? Link up in the comments!! 

1 Comments from my friends:

Lynne said...

Leslie, I have some of the same phobias as you do. I once got bitten by a poisonous spider and that was it. I normally have to have someone else off them or remove them, too because that's how far away I want to stay away from them, lol.