Thursday, January 19, 2017

While I'm Waiting

About 5 minutes ago, I published the post Making Room for God's Plan, I got a phone call.

The previous day, I had applied for a job at a local Charter school.... teaching English. I hit publish on the post. Seriously, no more than 5 minutes later, the phone rang. They wanted to interview me.

It was the shortest interview in the history of interviews. It only lasted 10 minutes, max! I left feeling pretty confident. However, now, I'm in the waiting game. 

I don't like that game.... so..... I always find things to do while I wait.

Here are the things I'm doing. Over the next few days, I'm going to give you more information about all of these things (like links to how to find me and things like that)!! 

1. Substitute Teacher--I am working in the same county where I live and where I used to work. Last year, I covered two long term (8 week) assignments at two different schools. I usually work about 3-4 days a month. I'd love for it to be more. If you are a teacher in my county, let me know and I'll come in for you when you need to be out.

2. Tutor--I have been a tutor for a few years now. I tutor middle and high school students in English.

3. Travel Agent--I have only been doing this a little over a year. I have a lot more information to come about this.

4. Crafter--I scrapbook. I make things with my hands. I make things with vinyl, like decals. I have been doing this a little over a year too.  I have more information about that too.

5. Blogger--I have been blogging since 2010. I am just now working at consciously doing it on a semi-regular schedule. I'm trying to build readership and find things to write consistently.

6. Mom/Wife/Daughter/Sister/Aunt/Friend--We all already knew this one!  I just don't get paid (not money anyways) for doing this one!  I have lots of stories from this!

Hopefully I will hear something from the interview soon. But, while I'm waiting, I'm staying busy. 

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