Thursday, March 16, 2017

Random Happenings in the House

As you can probably figure, my brain is cluttered with stuff.... lots and lots of STUFF!

So, in order to clear my mind, I'm writing out some of the weird things from our house.

Have you ever had ants in your bathroom? I can understand them in the kitchen if you leave out food overnight or something, but we have them in our MASTER BATH! Hello???  That's the farthest room from the kitchen.  And, as far as I know, no one is eating in the bathroom!  :) 

Sometimes, it's one or two ants (the little bitty ones). Other times, it's like a whole army!  It's been that way since we moved in about 3 1/2 years ago, but it's just weird.... or so I think!!

Do you know how I can tell who did the dishes last in our house? It's by the silverware in the dishwasher!

If I do them, all the silverware is turned down (like the pointy part of the forks, the spoony part of the spoons, and the knifey part of the knives) toward the bottom of the silverware basket thingy!

One of the other people in my house, I'm not saying which one, just throws them in. Sometimes they aren't even completely in the basket when the door is closed. Just beware of the pointy part of the forks when you reach in the next time!

The third person (still no names) just puts them in the basket. When you reach in, you have to be careful not to cut a finger off getting a knife.

It's the same when we do dishes by hand too. I put them all pointing down. The other two do not.

Have you ever worn FROZEN sneakers?


Yesterday, I subbed for a middle school health teacher. Sometimes, health teachers also teach PE, so I took my comfy clothes with me just in case.

After meeting with the social worker for The Princess's Silver Award Project for Girl Scouts (lots more information to come for that!) I accidentally left them in the car all night.

This morning, I went to put them on, and the Princess had to bring them in to me. They were rock hard!  I almost couldn't get them on!  They were FROZEN! 

Luckily, the heater in my car works great! By the time I got home from taking the Princess to school, they (and my feet) were defrosted!!

One last (weird) thing....

Can you tell who brushed their teeth last in bathroom?

I can.

Tony is left-handed. I am right-handed.

In the mornings, when I brush my teeth, I hold the toothbrush with my right hand. I hold the toothpaste with my left. When I close it, I lay it on the left side of the sink. Tony does the opposite, so if he has brushed his teeth before me, the toothpaste has been moved to the right side of the sink! 

Ok.... those are the WEIRD things that are on my mind! 

If you are looking for things that are NOT weird that I'm up to, check out this post about just ONE of the projects I'm involved with. 

What weird things are happening around your house? 

How can you tell who does what? 

What projects are you involved in? 

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